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I create cool stuff.

I like building teams, apps, processes, roadmaps, and design systems. Over the last decade, I've led product and design initiatives for web, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, Fire TV, and Android TV. If it's an internet thing that you can click on (and some that you can't), chances are I've designed it, planned it, spec'd it, tested it, analyzed it, and taken it to market. One day I'll update my portfolio and prove it.



Our content needs to be where users are, and that means functionality and consistency must be maintained across multiple platforms. The focus for our new app experience was centered around content discovery, usability, and engagement. This would help drive new acquisition and retention.

NativePerspective PSD Mockup.png
The Challenge

Our legacy app was out of date and non-performant. It was clear we needed a top down overhaul. We wanted to maintain feature parity and time our release with our new web platform.  

UX • UI • Product Manager
Specs and Interactions

Before we could begin development, we needed a clear vision of what we were trying to accomplish, and how we would define success for the product. I set to work speccing out product requirements, describing interactions, wireframing, and prototyping the app.

User Interface Design

The interface needed to be intuitive, sleek, and engaging from the moment you open the app. I wanted every interaction, from onboarding and sign up to watching content to delight our users. I ran user testing sessions and let qualitative and quantitative data drive each release.







Users were watching our content outside of our ecosystem because it was simply a better viewing experience and a better way to interact. We set out to create a community minded viewing experience that engages our users, serves our network partners, and meets our business needs through a freemium subscription service model. 


One of the biggest challenges for all freemium content platforms is the simple fact that most content is already available for free somewhere else on the internet. Users have options, and they will naturally select the one that best suits their needs. Our legacy website was proof of that. It had become a junk drawer of broken features. We have to offer value and convenience for money to bring users into our ecosystem.

UX • UI • Product Manager
The Challenge
Specs and Interactions

If we were going to bring people back into our ecosystem and entice new fans, we needed our site to look like a place worth exploring, engaging with, and paying for. After leading multiple brand identity exercises with various stakeholders, I developed all new brand guidelines for our digital products. This would ensure consistency across platforms. 

User Interface Design

From the moment users arrive, the primary objective must be clear - find something to watch and press play. As the entry point into our network, content discovery has a considerable impact on our e-commerce and community products in addition to paid subscriptions. Our data driven approach led to a significant increase in subscriptions, engagement, unique views, session time, and reduced churn.  





Cobbler Tutors is a educational web application that allows students to hire professional tutors for a real time video chat session in a wide variety of subjects. Our client needed an MVP that prioritized an efficient, intuitive user experience without going over budget.

The Challenge

We were tasked with establishing a brand identity for a budget minded startup while building a web application that could bring new users into the funnel and keep them engaged. 

UX • UI • Design
The Solution

The Cobbler design process began with site maps, user personas, wireframes, and interactive prototypes. With a limited budget and scope, getting buy in from the client on brand identity, UX, and UI was key to moving the application through development and delivering on time.  




Indehaus is a real estate company that connects buyers with homes and office spaces abroad. Their site needed to prioritize an intuitive user flow, and a modern interface to breathe new life into a dated site.
The Challenge

How do you design a responsive site that simplifies complex real estate location workflows? Indehaus needed to incorporate a wide variety of UI elements to help users find the one property that was right for them, without digging through hundreds that were not.

UX • UI • Design
The Solution

I designed a sleek responsive site that featured modern UI elements to simplify the overall user experience. I created interactive prototypes of the design to ensure that every step of the process was thoroughly tested and logically designed. Working hand in hand with the development team led to a finished product that was not only beautiful, but functional.



Edel is well-renowned in the golf industry for building high-end, custom fit golf clubs. Their vision is to create products that combine old world craftsmanship with leading edge technology. E-commerce is a crucial component of their business, but their legacy site was far from where it needed to be.
The Challenge
UX • UI • Design

How do you design a positive e-commerce experience that lives up to the quality of a beloved brand? The new  site needed to prioritize an intuitive user flow, streamlined marketplace, and  a revamped ordering system for their manufacturing end. 

The Solution

 I designed a custom e-commerce theme to match the quality of Edel Golf’s products and brand. We also rebuilt their ordering system from scratch, implementing numerous advanced features including Fedex integration and one click shipping.

Design person. Swamp Rat.
Failed musician.
I'm a Louisiana boy who has been proud to call Austin home since 2005. I've been working in product design and product management for the better part of a decade. I like building stuff - teams, systems, processes, products. It's the best way I have found to support my crippling addiction to buying more guitars and spoiling my dogs.

Building effective products requires vision, collaboration, planning, and a thorough understanding of business and user needs. Defining KPIs, writing specs, wireframes, prototypes, design systems, making apps look all shiny and pretty, roadmapping, making data informed product decisions. All that. It's my jam. My jamalam.

Product Philosophy


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